"If you work just for money, you’ll never make it, but if you love what you’re doing and you always put the customer first, success will be yours."

- Ray Croc

"To get others to come into our ways of thinking, we must go over to theirs; and it is necessary to follow, in order to lead."

- William Hazlitt

About Us

About us

We know that your Company has its core business competencies.  Unless you are a facility management company, we are pretty sure you could use some help with this process.  Facility Service Resource was developed to give our Customers a more efficient way to handle their Facility needs.  We plan on providing both cost and time efficiency.  One of the ways we provide this efficiency is to offer our Facility Management services for FREE!  We also provide a consolidated solution that makes us a one stop shop for your facility requirements, thus saving you time and effort.  Many of our customers have been delegated a task of having to get quotes from vendors such as janitorial or supplies.  This is not in their normal scope of work, and can be very time consuming and frustrating.  Now you will have Facility Service Resource in your corner to handle these processes.  Again, this is at NO COST to our Customer. 

Our scope of work is from small businesses to large corporations, and from a one time task or service, to servicing a facility on a daily basis.  We have the Solution for you. We provide an integrated solution with our customers and consolidate the supplies and service.  With our Preferred Vendors, we can provide a cost advantage while taking these tasks off of your plate. All of this while providing a streamlined procurement process and a consolidated billing solution.